Community Outreach In Anchorage AK

Community Outreach in Anchorage AK

Nordstrom Chiropractic engages in a variety of community outreach opportunities. We offer complimentary wellness presentations at various corporations, schools and churches, as well as lunch and learn programs and employee health and wellness screenings. The topics presented in our wellness lectures are always based around a "healthy living" theme, but can be tailored to address specific needs of the participants. We can also provide a lecture series that gives more in depth information on stress management, nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, etc. The lectures are most often in a slide presentation format with time for questions at the end.

We offer these services complimentary as part of our community outreach program to spread the message of health and wellness. If you are interested in scheduling complimentary wellness services for your company, or would like to find out more information, please contact us at

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